How to Write a Compelling Romance Novel

Most of the bookworms out there have maybe read more than one book from the romance genre. This makes romance one of the bestseller books. It constantly publishes bestseller books. You will surely find several readers who prefer romance books, despite the myriad of choices they are exposed to. As the genre’s title is called, it presents the love story of two people who come together. Usually, they would overcome adversities to obtain a happily ever after ending. Some authors would even spice up the narrative by adding other genres.

Dream, Sweet Dreams of You by Vasquez is one of the examples of romance books with a mix of other genres. This book will not only give your stomach butterflies but will also give you ideas about social injustice. It follows the story of Juan and Rafella, who are the author’s grandparents. The author dedicates this story to them. This is a must-read for all romance junkies out there.

If you have been planning to write a romance novel, you should pursue it. It will not only help you kick-start a name in the industry. No one says no to romance. However, no matter the perks. It would help if you still worked hard on it. There will be measures that you need to follow for you to come up with a compelling novel. This way, your target readers will want to read your book, capturing their attention. This blog will help you with this. Below are some of the ways or techniques on how you can write a compelling narrative for your romance novel:

Capture readers from the very first pages.

Normally, readers will want to finish the whole book if your narrative in the first pages is already interesting. That is why you need to focus on making them as fascinating as possible. One that can make them read from the very beginning to the very end.

Focus on establishing strong personalities for your characters.

Your characters will make your narrative come to life. They will carry out your story for you. This factor will affect how your readers connect with your readers. Developing your character will make them memorable, and your readers will be able to relate to them. You may have to put your feet inside your character’s shoes. Sometimes, a good story is all about who a character becomes as the story progresses. Readers will be more fascinated by your characters, making them want to know more about them. A secondary character can also be developed. It could be either the protagonist’s or the antagonists’ sidekick. You have to make sure to characterize him charmingly. He can be witty, funny, and nice. They would help him learn more in this way. You may have one or two chapters dedicated to him. Much as you do with the main characters, send him a background story.

Evoke Emotions to your readers.

As an author, you should have the power to give rise to your reader’s emotions. This can be done by surprising your readers with a twist. Plot twists are always what a reader anticipates about a book. You can incorporate foreshadowing at every end of a chapter. This will give them more reason to read more. Don’t hold back from creating emotion-evoking scenes. If you have to kill off a favorite character, do it if it makes the story develop.

Provide Shocking Conflicts

Another approach to get your readers interested in reading the entire book is to create interesting tensions between the protagonist’s aspirations. It’s the challenges that add fuel to the tale, especially with the crime or thriller genre. You want the readers to feel for the main character. These kinds of readers crave tension. They are the kind of readers that want the feeling of the constant raising of the heartbeat. What other way to give them just that is to create shocking conflicts.

Overall, romance novels will remain significant to this industry. The number of fans of this genre will always be high. So, if you are planning to write your own, you should pursue it. Hopefully, you have gained some insights from this blog. Wishing you good luck on your journey!



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